We are a graduate-student powered initiative. 

GRAD-MAP is led by a team of graduate students from the astronomy and physics departments, with support from faculty and staff in both departments, as well as many volunteers (students, researchers, and faculty) from both departments and across the University of Maryland's campus. GRAD-MAP began in 2013, when graduate students worked to develop a program to change the status quo in physics and astronomy. 




Milena Crnogorcevic

Astronomy Graduate Student


Milena has participated with GRAD-MAP since 2018 and has been selected to be the next Team Lead. She is on the UMD astronomy department Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion committee and has helped organize development sessions for the Winter Workshop. 

Amy Steele

Astronomy PhD Candidate

Advisor, Previous Team Lead

Amy became the Team Lead in the fall of 2017. She studies circumstellar dust and gas around stars on and off the main sequence at multiple wavelengths with her advisor, John Debes (Space Telescope Science Institute). 


Rebecca Levy

Astronomy PhD Candiate


Becca has mentored students during the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Winter Workshops.  She helped develop and run a number of professional development sessions during the Winter Workshop and Summer Scholars Program. During the 2019 Winter Workshop, she was a chaperone during the Green Bank Trip. She has  attended CSS visits and helped organize and run the Open House in the fall of 2018. Becca also manages GRAD-MAP's Twitter account.


Dana Louie

Astronomy PhD Candidate

Dana has participated in GRAD-MAP since 2016 by helping to run CSS events, assisting with the Spring Symposium, and serving on selection committees for the Winter Workshop. 

Andrew Guo

Andrew Guo

Physics PhD Candidate 


Andrew has been teaching Python for GRAD-MAP since 2017. Most recently, he was the lead for the Python Bootcamp during the 2019 Winter Workshop.

Pradip Gatkine

Astronomy PhD Candidate


Pradip Gatkine co-advised three students on analyzing kilonova lightcurves during the winter workshop of 2017-18. In summer 2018, he advised two students on simulating JWST observations of kilonovae. Apart from this, he also helped prepare Python notebooks for the Python Bootcamp in winter workshop of 2017-18. 

Sara Frederick

Astronomy PhD Candidate


Sara has participated with GRAD-MAP since 2017 by attending CSS, Spring Symposium, and Open House events, developing Python bootcamp materials, co-advising Summer Scholars and Winter Workshop research projects (2018 & 2019), and continuing to mentor students on the UMD campus.

Joe DeMartini

Astronomy Graduate Student


Joe joined the graduate department at UMD in 2018 and participated with the GRAD-MAP 2018 Open House event and the 2019 Winter Workshop (WW). During the WW he mentored/advised a student project and helped teach during the Python bootcamp.

Other Current GRAD-MAP Support

STUART VOGEL, Professor of Astronomy
Stuart Vogel

Stuart provides general-purpose mentoring for the Summer Scholars, and is the primary faculty support to the GRAD-MAP Team Lead. Stuart also provides funding for the Summer Scholars program through a GROWTH PIRE grant. 

ALBERTO BOLATTO, Professor of Astronomy
Alberto Bolatto

Alberto provides funding for the Summer Scholars program through an NSF grant. 

SUVI GEZARI, Professor of Astronomy
Suvi Gezari

Suvi provides funding for the Summer Scholars program through an NSF grant. 

ELIZA KEMPTON, Professor of Astronomy
Eliza Kempton

Eliza will provide funding support for the 2019 Summer Scholars program students. 

JORDAN GOODMAN, Professor of (Astro)Physics
Jordan Goodman

Jordan will provide funding support for the 2019 Summer Scholars program students. 

MATTHEW KNIGHT, Associate Research Scientist
Matthew Knight

Matthew will advise a research project and provide funding support for the 2019 Summer Scholars program students. 

ELIZABETH WARNER, Principal Faculty Specialist and Observatory Director
Elizabeth Warner

Elizabeth has been a mentor and advisor during the Winter Workshop (WW) since 2015 and has guided nine students through observing projects at the UMD observatory.  

MATEJ MALIK, Postdoctoral Researcher
Matej Malik

Matej joined the astronomy department in fall 2018 and has since given a talk during the 2018 Open House and advised a 2019 Winter Workshop student. He will co-advise a 2019 Summer Scholars student. 

KAREN YANG, Visiting Assistant Research Scientist

Karen has mentored/advised students for the GRAD-MAP Winter Workshop. 

WOLFGANG LOSERT, Professor & Associate Dean

Wolfgang is a great supporter of GRAD-MAP and has participated in a number of Winter Workshops. 

PETER TEUBEN, Principal Research Scientist
Peter Teuben

Peter has been working with GradMap since 2015, and has been involved teaching a Python module in the Winter Workshop, mentoring Summer Scholars with Alberto Bolatto, and loves showing off his evolving Greenbank 40ft profile predictor code (in Python of course).

KATE O'NEILL, Postdoctoral Associate
Kate O'Neill

Kate participated in the GRAD-MAP Winter Workshop in 2018 and 2019. She helped lead and chaperone trips to national labs, assisted with the Python bootcamp, and (in 2019) served as a Python bootcamp instructor. 

NATHAN ROTH, Postdoctoral Associate
Nathan Roth

Nathan has participated with GRAD-MAP since 2016 through 2019 by speaking at CSS events, giving lectures to Summer Scholars students, sitting on career panels for the Winter Workshop, holding office hours for student, and providing challenge notebooks for the Python bootcamp.  

DOUG HAMILTON, Professor of Astronomy

Doug is part of the New Horizons team and has given a talk on Pluto to GRAD-MAP students. He has also provided support during various programs throughout the years. 

GRAD-MAP Team Alumni

KATIE JAMESON, Postdoctoral Researcher

Katie founded GRAD-MAP in 2013 with a group of astronomy and physics grad students. She defended her PhD in 2016 and moved "down unda" to the Australia  National University for a postdoctoral research position. She studies star formation and molecular gas nearby galaxies using data from the satellites Herschel and Spitzer and from the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA). 

ASHLEE WILKINS, House Science Committee
Team Lead from 2014 - 2016

Ashlee was part of the founding team of GRAD-MAP and defended her PhD thesis in 2017. She studied the atmospheres of giant exoplanets, was the 2018 Bahcall Public Policy Fellow for the American Astronomical Society (AAS), supporting the federal policy and advocacy activities for the astronomical science community, and is now working for the House Science Committee.

Robyn Smith, Astronomy Graduate Student
Team Lead from 2016 - 2017

Robyn became team lead in 2016 during her second year at UMD. She is responsible for building ties to the TREND physics REU program and helped GRAD-MAP to begin to transition from the original founding group to the current program. 

John Collini, Physics Graduate Student
Co-Lead from 2018 - 2019
John 27_edited.jpg

John Collini started working with GRAD-MAP in 2016 by mentoring students and assisting with the python boot-camp of the Winter Workshop. In 2017 John lead the python boot-camp and was the physics co-lead for a year.

Dr. Paul Syers
Dr. Sonali Shukla